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General financial planning

Financial planning is about much more than choosing investments or arranging a pension policy. We look at your whole financial circumstances, not just your savings and investments. Where appropriate, we look at you, your family, your lifestyle and your business. 

Your first priority may be to ensure that you have financial security throughout your life and into a comfortable retirement. Beyond that you may wish to keep wealth in the family and to minimise your tax obligations. 

Estate planning may entail more than just avoiding inheritance tax. It may require sophisticated planning, generally involving trusts, to ensure some control over the family wealth. 

Our culture has always been an advisory one. Of course you may need pensions, life assurance, or other protection – but only if proper financial planning shows the need for it.

Proper planning may call not only for personal life assurance but also for keyman insurance to protect you if you are a business owner. If you are in this position, you may also want to consider shareholder and cross option agreements for the protection of your family.

In many cases, your personal pension planning is strongly linked with corporate tax planning.  We an introduce you to Cassons Accountants Business Advisers  LLP is a firm of chartered accountants and business advisers, with a real expertise in tax planning and in corporate finance.  Through them, we are able to offer genuinely holistic and joined up financial planning.


Investment planning

Managing client investment portfolios is a core part of our business. We manage portfolios from around £75,000 up to many in the £ millions. Each portfolio is individually designed and, on an ongoing basis, individually reviewed. There is no such thing as a standard Cassons portfolio. We take full account of each client’s investment objectives, their attitude to risk, their income and capital requirements, their timescales, and their tax circumstances. We do not offer discretionary management. We prefer to offer advisory management, meaning that you are always fully involved in every investment decision.

Personal Pensions

Saving for your retirement ought to be a major part of everyone’s long term financial planning.  It is no longer a matter (if it ever was) of choosing a pension policy and forgetting about it. The choice of competing policies and conflicting claims of superiority can be bewildering. There is a growing appreciation that pension policies are only as good as the performance of the investments held within them; and, increasingly, pension companies are offering pension policies linked to external investment funds. Managing pension policies is now very much a matter of managing an investment portfolio. That is why Cassons Financial Planning Ltd have pension specialists, to guide you in choosing policies, in managing the investments within them, and in making the right choices when you reach retirement. 

You can watch Steven Greenwood's series of short videos here explaining the most recent changes in personal pensions legislation.   Check our blog also for Steven's most recent comments.

Estate planning

Estate planning should start early in life. If your estate is large it could be subject to inheritance tax, but even if it is small, planning and a well drafted Will can ensure that your assets will go to your chosen beneficiaries. Yes. Anyone who owns property - a home, a car, investments, business interests, retirement savings, collectibles, personal belongings, etc - needs a Will. A Will allows you to direct by and to whom your property will be distributed after your death. If you have no Will, your property will normally be distributed according to the intestacy laws. Assumptions about how these rules work is a very common mistake. The more you have, the less you should leave to chance when it comes to creating an estate plan that minimises taxes. We can help you to ensure that, through planned lifetime gifts and a tax efficient Will, more of your wealth will pass to the people you love.

We can liaise with our colleagues in specialist tax team of Cassons Business Advisers LLP when matters are particularly complex and will be happy to make the appropriate introductions if you require a Will to be written.

Tax planning

We will also help you to consider tax efficient investments which will help to mitigate  your personal income tax or capital gains tax (CGT) or Inheritance tax (IHT).  Methods include consideration of tax-efficient investments including pensions, venture capital trusts and enterprise investment schemes. This is done with the tax team from Cassons business advisers LLP, chartered accountants and business advisers.  click here

Life assurance

There are many reasons why you may need life assurance, such as: mortgage or loan protection; business protection (keyman); provision for dependants; and inheritance tax planning. There are many types of life assurance, including: term assurance; endowment assurance and whole of life assurance. Each of these has variations on a theme, such as decreasing term or low cost whole of life. It is essential that you understand all of the advantages and disadvantages. Within our team we have life assurance specialists, to guide you in selecting the appropriate level of cover, to recommend suitable policies, and to advise you on the many tax, commercial and other financial planning issues that arise when considering life assurance.

Other protection

Income protection

If illness or injury prevents you from working, how will you manage financially? A few days’ incapacity may not matter, or even a few weeks’. But long term incapacity could be a financial, as well as a personal, disaster. That is the role of income protection insurance (also known, confusingly, as permanent health insurance).  We can arrange an insurance policy that, if you are incapacitated for more then say 3 or 6 months, will pay approximately 60% of your former level of income for as long as is necessary (up to a chosen age such as 60, when your income may have ceased anyway). This is a specialist market. It is important to ensure that the policy will pay out in all appropriate circumstances, that cover can rise as your income rises, and that you are not faced with exorbitant increases in premiums.  Our team has the specialist knowledge to arrange such policies for you.

Critical illness protection

Suppose you suffer a life-threatening, or other serious, illness – and survive. That’s the good news; you have survived. What if you are now disabled and need to spend significant money adapting your home to your new needs? Or perhaps you are well enough to return to work, but do not wish to have to work so hard. Critical illness insurance can provide a lump sum if you survive many “dread diseases” such as heart attack, cancer, stroke, paralysis, kidney failure, major organ transplant, bypass surgery, or countless others. Some insurance companies may have different definitions of the illnesses they will cover. You need a specialist advisers like Cassons Financial Planning Ltd to ensure you get the most appropriate cover for your circumstances.

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